Welcome to the Canoe Guide and to paddling in Sweden!


This page is run by the Swedish Canoe Federation together with all approved canoe centers. The site is available to make it easy for those who want to paddle to find the location, knowledge and equipment.


About the Canoe guide and the Canoe Trails

In the Canoe Guide there are over 500 canoe trails. Some of these are well maintained and taken care of by municipalities, associations or canoe centres. Canoe centres can usually provide good information about their nearby trails. Some canoe routes are very rarely paddled and may be overgrown and lack of information about the conditions. What it looks like and what you will meet on your tour regarding obstacles and challenges cannot be answered in advance. The Canoe Federation assumes no responsibility for the condition of the routes. Please use the comment fields in the Canoe Guide to provide information about routes you paddle. There you can also post pictures, it is a way to contribute to the page and to other canoeists.

About approved Canoe centres

Approved canoe centres have chosen to join the Swedish Canoe Federation as a way to show their seriousness and also to contribute to the work of making paddling accessible and safe for everyone. They undertake to comply with the standard for approved canoe centres. They are knowledgeable and offer the service you need for your paddling. You find them all here on the canoe guide.

About the Swedish Canoe Federation

The Swedish Canoe Federation has organized paddling in Sweden since 1904. Today there are 125 clubs and nearly  100 affiliated and appoved Canoe centres. You can paddle for recreation, exercise, competition and touring. Canoeing is for all ages and there are canoes appropriate for a broad variety of environments and experiences. www.kanot.com

Would you like to be seen here with your canoe center? 

To be visible on the canoe guide with your canoe centre you need to be connected to the Swedish Canoe Federation and registered as an approved canoe center. Contact Paddelpasset@kanot.com in case of interest.